Loss Control & Cost Control

While insurance is designed to cover unexpected and unpreventable losses, the best way to keep insurance costs down over the long term is to make every effort to prevent losses from occurring. This is commonly called "loss control" and involves implementing business controls and procedures that limit your exposure to loss.

Of course, keeping insurance costs down is important, but preventing losses makes good business sense for other reasons. Certainly, no one wants to see an employee hurt or your business assets damaged for any reason. Even a fully covered loss will disrupt your business and take valuable time away from customer service and other positive activities.

Your company's safety program is a valuable tool in creating a safe working environment and limiting your exposure to loss. In conjunction with your company's Safety program, Zurich offers a number of additional loss control services. Areas we can provide support in include:

  • Online Loss Control Library
  • Accident Investigation
  • Disaster Planning
  • Driver Safety Seminars
  • Ergonomics
  • Fire Protection
  • On-site loss control consulting surveys
  • Setting up an Effective Safety Program
  • Slip and Fall Prevention

These services can be accessed by submitting a Loss Control Services Request. Registered members can find these forms in the Service 24/7 area. Once you specify the type of service you wish to use and submit the request form, you will be contacted by a representative for an appointment.